Thursday, April 28, 2011

Preparation for Japanese Garden Opening!

This year the cleaning of the Como Ordway Memorial Japanese Garden was delayed by about a month because of snowfall in March. The Japanese Garden is quite shady, therefore the snow took longer to melt. Despite the delay the Japanese Garden will be open to the public on May 1st, with the tea ceremonies starting back up mid May!

There are many things to do in preparing for the opening of the Japanese Garden. For starters all of the fallen branches have to be picked up and composted. All of the leaves that fell in the Fall have to be raked up and removed from the centers of the bushes. The pool is cleaned out, filled with water and dyed black. The water is dyed to cut down on algae growth. Any dead foliage and flowers are removed from plants. The burlap and the tree wrap that was used to cover some of the smaller pines to protect them from winter burn is removed. Mulch is added to all of the beds and occasionally additional gravel is added to the pathways. Lastly, cleaning up after the resident red fox and owl! You must come and enjoy the fruits of our labor! Enjoy the before and after pictures!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Summer is Near

It is a busy time in the production greenhouses as summer approaches. The Horticulture staff, Interns and Volunteers are busy transplanting plugs and seedlings into larger pots in preparation for planting the indoor and outdoor summer gardens.

The Spring Flower show will end on May 1st. We have been busy replacing the spring bulbs as they fade. (~ every 9 days after planting) It is a very fragrant and colorful show. Come in and enjoy the last few days of the show.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Anxiously awaiting the Victoria Water Platters

The Victoria Water Platter lilies were planted from seed in the beginning of March. It takes the seeds a couple of weeks to germinate. The seeds germinate in temperature controlled tubs of water. Victorias are native to the Amazon therefore the tubs are about 80 degrees fahrenheit. The Victorias will be going out to heated pools that are in front of the Visitor Center the first week of June. The Victorias are about as big as a large grapefruit now, but can grow to be 6 feet in diameter!