Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The end is close??

It has been a very busy day here at the Conservatory!! Lots of visitors stopping in to see and ssmell the tiny titan! This morning, the stench was almost overwhelming. Now, at almost 6pm, there are waves of aroma but it is not as strong and pungent. The smell has been described as : old diapers left in the garbage for days, a dead deer left in the sun for 3 days, old gym socks and just gross! The spathe has opened more and we are hoping that over the course of the night, it might fully expand. It is hoped that it might look like a tutu surrounding the large spadix in the middle. The color in the spathe is showing but the tips of the spathe are starting to dry out. We have been spraying the inflorescence with distilled water at intervals to try and keep it from drying out as rapidly.
Tomorrow may bring the end for this beautiful "flower". We really hope that it will open up and look similar to the photo at the bottom of our blog. No promises! After it is through blooming, it will stay on display for a more few days, then be moved back to the growing house where it wll go dormant and then eventually form a large leaf. And the process continues!
It was a great show today and we will see what tomorrow brings!