Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rainy Sunday

It was a rainy day today and the Parlor where the Titan is displayed seemed very chilly after the hot, bright and sunny days on Thursday and Friday. The temps in the room actually dropped into the low 60's but the humidity was in the 60% range. This wonderful plant is taking it all in stride! It seems as if we have been paying such close attention to the inflorescence that nothing seems to be happening. There must be alot going on inside that celery green looking spathe. The growth in height was only 1/2" today for a total of 27 1/2" tall. Does that mean that there is more energy being directed towards the developing spathe or is it because it has been so dark and cool and there is not much growth under those conditions? Questions, questions!

We do know that there continues to be a constant stream of visitors to the Parlor who are full of questions. As always, the number one question is.....when will it be stinky? That's a good question!! It seems as if the cool weather is slowing things down so it is going to be a few more days. We will keep an eye on this cutie for you and let you know as soon as we can. Keep watching that video and those webcam photos. And hope for sunny bright weather!