Friday, April 4, 2008

There is a change!

The move of the Amorphopallus titanum seems to have gone well yesterday. The inflorescence seems to have survived the rough ride from the greenhouse! There is only a slight height difference today compared to yesterday--we are measuring 26" from the soil level to the top of the spadix. We are not sure the reason for the slowdown but will chalk it up to a learning experience. This whole adventure is a learning experience and practice for the future flowerings of this magnificent plant.

The humidity levels in the Parlor are at about 45% compared to the 75% levels in the greenhouse. We are going to place a humidifier in the room soon and see if we can get those levels a bit higher. The edges of the spathe are a bit brown but that seems to be farily normal.

We are noticing a slight brown/magenta color starting to show up on the inside of the spathe! This means that the plant is progressing as hoped! We still do not have a bloom date but we will keep everyone posted.

Guests to the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory have begun to view the flower and learning more about it.