Thursday, April 10, 2008

WOW! What a day!

After a day of really emitting a nasty odor, this morning finds the Amorphophallus with just a little fragrance. There is the lingering smell of dead mice floating about the Conservatory but nothing as intense as yesterday. The smell still pulses from the base of the inflorescence. The spathe seems to have stopped opening and is already starting to wilt. There is actually pollen starting to be released! That is the next step in this flowering process. We hope to gather the pollen and send it to Gustavus Adolphus College soon so that it can be stored and made available to other institutions.

It had been hoped that there would have been a wonderful maroon colored "skirt" surrounding the center structure when we came in to work this morning. The time lapse camera did capture the slight unfurling overnight. If wishes always came true.....
If you visit the Conservatory today, BOB will be in the Parlor and available for viewing. We are approaching the end of this blooming cycle and the huge pot and accompanying pot with the tall leaf will be returning to the growing area possibly as soon as this weekend. The pot has been turned this morning so that the opening in the spathe is visible from the front. That opening was on the left side and a bit towards the back for the past week.

There has been wonderful media and visitor interest and attendance at this event! It has been fun to show off this wonderful plant!

It was well worth the effort and wait on our part! There were many lessons learned and the hope is that the NEXT time we get a flower, it will be bigger and better!