Sunday, April 13, 2008


While the mighty inflorescence flags and the alluring scent of decay fades, the most important phase in the life of a flower begins: reproduction. There is evidence that the male flowers are now maturing and slowly releasing pollen. Success depends upon receptive female flowers and the genetic viability of this particular Corpse flower to produce seed. This morning the Horticulturist collected pollen samples for distribution to other scientific institutions active in the study and breeding of Amorphophallus titanum.

On Monday, BOB will be returned to the warm production tropical greenhouse to conclude seed production (should we be so fortunate) and die back to the ground for a dormant period of 'rest'. The plant will continue upon a vegetative cycle of growth in producing leafy shoots and foliage while fattening up the corm until the next flower develops. When that will be, we can't say with certainty. It is part of the intrigue of this remarkable charismatic flora!