Friday, April 18, 2008

It is looking like spring!

It is the end of another week here at the Marjorie McNeely Conservatory. There has been alot of activity outside in preparation for the spring plantings. The outside crew has been pruning, cleaning, mulching, cutting back perennials and grasses and getting those pesky fall leaves out of the way. A group of plants, slated to be part of the new butterfly exhibit, arrived from Florida on Wednesday. We have been transplanting and repotting other plants in the growing areas that will also be used in the butterfly house. The last group of tulips have been tucked in to the Sunken Garden plantings. There was a large change in plant material today so the Sunken Garden looks very fresh and smells wonderful! There is a little over a week left of the spring show in the Sunken Garden before the big change to summer! It is absolutely beautiful!

The Victoria Water Platters are over a month old now. They were started from seed the end of February and the first seedings are already getting comfortable in the outside greenhouses. The leaves are about 2-3" wide. Watch for these plants out in the pools in front of the Visitor Center sometime in late May to early June.

We are getting ready to start the cuttings for the Gates Ajar plantings in the next few weeks. We are actually bringing in a group of volunteers to help with the hundreds of cuttings that are needed to complete that planting. Planting the Gates has taken about 100 hours in past years!

Stop by and enjoy our Spring weather!